Siptank is here to help you ensure that you remain hydrated, by offering you the best drink-ware products on the market while taking care of you, and the planet!

Why choose a BPA-Free option?

As a society, we're used to buying plastic water bottles and other one-use plastics, but we overlook the negative effects that come with such packaging. Many studies have shown that polycarbonate plastic (often found in plastic water bottles), gradually leak a chemical called bisphenol-A (BPA). This chemical leaks into the foods and liquids stored in containers made from this material. The chemicals released by these plastics can alter hormones and have other damaging effects such as reproductive, neurological and immunity problems.

Animals can also be affected by these chemicals and can be permanently injured or die as a result of the poison.

 The safest way to drink: Use stainless steel or glass bottles.

We are confident that our uniquely designed bottles are ideal for your everyday needs. Every water bottle we sell is BPA free, it won’t cause allergies so you can use it safely, wherever you want. 

Our mission

 What makes Siptank unique is that we always strive to bring you only the best flasks, bottles and drinkware out there. We talk with our customers and understand their needs, to provide the best possible solutions on the market. Additionally, we focus a lot on portability. We sell only easy to use water bottles and flasks that can easily be carried around as you see fit. Our products are super durable and reliable. Or variety will ensure that you can easily find the right one to express your style and ideas! 

​Our passion for excellence has driven us from the beginning and continues to drive us. At Sip Tank, we always place customers first and strive to focus on value and quality. Having water with us all the time is a huge priority for every person’s life, and with our products, you get the best drink-ware products you need to carry your favourite beverage and remain hydrated – That’s our mission!

Our packaging 

Our minimal packaging all 100% recyclable material to care for the environment further. Each package will also include a special surprise!